Reservation & cancellation policy


Rates quoted are from, per night, single or double occupancy in a classic room. Children sharing the room with the parents stay free up to a maximum of 4 people. $20 per extra person. Taxes are extra. They are subject to availability and change without notice. Certain conditions apply. Weekly prices are applicable from Sunday to Thursday and weekend prices are applicable on Fridays and Saturdays. Some Saturdays may require a minimum of 2 nights and additional charges may apply. The holiday season requires a minimum of 3 nights and additional charges may apply.
No pets are allowed and can lead to a fine of $ 100. Costs of $ 100 is charged if you smoke in a non smoking room.



You can cancel without charge until 48 hours prior to arrival (16.00) except for the festive period where the policy is 15 days prior to arrival.
If you cancel 48 hours before the date of arrival, a fee of one night plus tax will be charged to your credit card. For the festive period, this policy applies if you cancel 15 days or less before the arrival date.